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Steel semi circular parts which have a layer of friction material that are used in pairs, two per drum, to stop a vehicle that has drum type brakes. When the brake pedal is pressed, the shoes push ...

Domain: Electronic components; Category: Sensors

Part of the ABS system. An electronic sensor used to control brake system to prevent driver from locking wheels and skidding, and instead allowing the vehicle to achieve a controlled stop using ...

Domain: Electronic components; Category: Sensors

A component utilizing a magnetic solenoid used to engage and disengage an AC compressor on command from the climate control system.

Domain: Automotive; Category: Auto parts

Compensators. These components measure changes in the atmosphere that result from varying weather and varying elevations. Based on the acquired information these sensors allow adjustments to fuel ...

Domain: Automotive; Category: Auto parts

A rubber mount, usually having a metal stud on each end which is used to cushion the natural vibration of an engines' air filter housing.

Domain: Automotive; Category: Auto parts

An electrical device which is driven by a fan belt or serpentine belt which generates DC electrical current and sends that current to the battery so as to keep it charged.

Domain: Automotive; Category: Auto parts

A pie-shaped disc that fits inside a wheel like an inside wheel cover and virtually eliminates brake dust from getting onto wheels.

Domain: Automotive; Category: Auto parts

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