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A rubber mount, usually having a metal stud on each end which is used to cushion the natural vibration of an engines' air filter housing.

Domain: Automotive; Category: Auto parts

A hydraulic cylinder which is activated by pushing the clutch pedal (hydraulic type clutch) and in turn sends hydraulic pressure to the clutch slave cylinder, thereby disengaging the clutch.

Domain: Automotive; Category: Auto parts

A hydraulic cylinder which serves a master cylinder in a hydraulic type clutch system. When the clutch is depressed fluid is pushed from the master cylinder down to the slave cylinder.

Domain: Automotive; Category: Auto parts

The electric fan motor used as an additional cooling fan for the AC condenser when the system gets above a certain temperature, or pressure.

Domain: Automotive; Category: Auto parts

(front) A part of the suspension system which connects the frame and the steering knuckle or front axle carrier. (rear) Connects rear frame to rear axle carrier.

Domain: Automotive; Category: Auto parts; Automobile

The Coolant Temperature Sensor (CLT) is located near the thermostat. As its name suggests, this sensor analyzes the temperature of the engine coolant. According to AllPar Repairs, information from ...

Domain: Electronic components; Category: Sensors

A cast iron or aluminum part which sits directly on top of an engine block. The cylinder head's functions are basically to house the engines' intake and exhaust valves and guides and on (OHC) ...

Domain: Automotive; Category: Auto parts

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