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Twitching is still a physical activity, and some studies have shown that those who twitch or do some minor physical activity lose weight just a little faster than those who don't.

Domain: Fitness; Sports; Category: Bodybuilding; Weight loss; Exercise physiology

The type of muscle fiber in a given muscle. The difference between fast twitch and slow twitch is a trade-off between power and endurance: fast twitch is sprinting, slow twitch is marathon running.

Domain: Sports; Category: Exercise physiology

Lying flat on your back with your knees in the air and bending over with your waist as the pivot so that the body almost completely touches the thighs. Builds abdominal muscles.

Domain: Sports; Category: Exercise physiology

Cardiovascular activity and exercise that is best done on breezy, cool days. Meant to build endurance and is something that any able-bodied person should be able to do at the very least.

Domain: Sports; Category: Exercise physiology

Important to any exerciser, rest allows the body to recuperate and repair the microscopic damages done to the muscles and bones so that the body comes out fitter than before.

Domain: Fitness; Category: Bodybuilding; Weight loss; Workouts

Facing the floor and then pushing yourself up, or the Earth down. It's a matter of perspective. Builds triceps, as well as the chest muscles and the shoulders on the side.

Domain: Sports; Category: Exercise physiology

Any form of activity that relies on moving skeletal muscles. Typing on a computer counts but it will not be enough to lose fat – one would need to raise the intensity.

Domain: Fitness; Sports; Category: Weight loss; Workouts; Exercise physiology

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