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Types of exercises that rely on proper oxygen intake and circulation to be able to burn carbohydrates and fats. Aerobic exercises are ideal for losing fat and increasing endurance.

Domain: Fitness; Category: Weight loss; Workouts

When the body creates an oxygen debt from running too hard so that the muscles and metabolism can't keep up, the body will use oxygen to burn fat and glucose after the exercise. That is the afterburn ...

Domain: Fitness; Category: Weight loss; Workouts; Bodybuilding

Types of exercises that rely on intensity so that the oxygen supply from the bloodstream will not be enough, triggering anaerobic respiration. Builds strength, speed, and power, and muscle mass.

Domain: Fitness; Sports; Category: Weight loss; Workouts; Exercise physiology

Often shortened to BMR, this essentially indicates the number of calories an individual uses per day with no physical exertion, spent on activities like breathing, digesting, and other base bodily ...

Domain: Sports; Category: Exercise physiology

To get on a bike, stationary or no, and to pedal away. Can offer a clearer advantage to running as biking machines often have other paraphernalia to help with burning fat, like a calorie meter.

Domain: Sports; Category: Cycling

The feeling of tired muscles working to get rid of the lactic acid buildup accumulated from anaerobic metabolism. Some learn to appreciate it and continue training despite the pain.

Domain: Fitness; Sports; Category: Bodybuilding; Weight loss; Exercise physiology

To deviate from the schedule of exercise and dieting that one is doing because of temptations like being tired or wanting to eat good food again. It is okay to cheat in this sense from time to time ...

Domain: Fitness; Category: Weight loss

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