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Well known mythical creatures in various cultures that have captured our imaginations. You are welcome to add your own.

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The banshee is a female spirit in Irish mythology, usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the 'otheworld'. They are generally thought to be remnants of an ancient Celtic pagan religion in which they were minor gods, spirits, or ancestors. In English they are often referred to as fairies or ghosts. According to legend, banshees will wander around the outside of a house wailing when someone inside is about to die. There have been alleged sightings of banshees throughout history. Similar beings are also found in Welsh and American folklore. Banshees are one of Irish mythology's most famous icons and they often appear in fictions and artworks.

Domain: Religion; Category: Mythology

バンシーは死と 'otheworld' からの使者の前兆として通常見られるアイルランドの神話で、女性の精神です。彼らは、一般的に、古代ケルト族の異教の宗教を彼らはマイナーな神々、霊や祖先の生き残りであると考えられます。英語で彼らは、妖精や幽霊としばしば呼ばれます。伝説によれば、バンシーは誰かが内側に死ぬウェイリング ・家の外側の周りさまようされます。 の歴史の中でバンシーの疑惑目撃されています。同じような人間はウェールズとアメリカで発見も民間伝承。バンシーはアイルランドの神話の最も有名なアイコンの 1 つ、彼ら頻繁にフィクションおよびアートワークで現れます。

Domain: Religion; Category: Mythology

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