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Articles of clothing that make up modern male fashion.

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With warm color brings warm colors in modern Spring/Summer styles use many pastel colors. Spring/Summer wear includes styles such as, v-neck t-shirts, tanks, button downs, chinos, boat shoes, ...

Domain: Fashion; Category: General fashion

Chinos can be both chino shorts or standard chinos trousers. Chinos are made originally from 100% cotton, but now of days they are made with a cotton blend. Chinos became popular in America after the ...

Domain: Apparel; Category: Trousers & shorts

A collection of clothing that can be viewed as fashionable mens wear in this current time period. Consists of clothing categories like outerwear, trousers, shirts, footwear, and accessories. Staple ...

Domain: Fashion; Category: General fashion

A dress shirt is a garment or a shirt that has a collar and a full front opening along the hem with buttons to fasten it together. Primarily used in formal settings it is seen often accompanied by a ...

Domain: Apparel; Category: Shirts

A pea coat is an outer coat generally found in dark colors, such as gray, black and navy. The pea coat was originally worn by European sailors it was documented as a clothing staple in a newspaper in ...

Domain: Apparel; Category: Coats & jackets

A tank top shirt is a shirt with no sleeves. Out of fashion until the late 2000s tank tops are primarily for the beach look. Popular in many beach communities for their ability to have as much are ...

Domain: Apparel; Category: Shirts

A hoodie is a casual zip-up style sweatshirt. Hoodies have many different styles but a normal hoodie will usually be neutral colors. A hoodie is worn in a relaxed casual setting and is a great way to ...

Domain: Apparel; Category: Sweater

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