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233 is commonly used in Chinese internet circles and messaging as an equivalent to LOL.

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In Thai, the number 5 is pronounced "ha" - so instead of saying "hahahahaha," Thai speakers will sometimes use "55555."

Domain: Language; Category: Slang

MDR is the acronym of "mort de rire". When translated into English means "dying of laughter."

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In Brazilian Portuguese, hue is pronounced like the English h, so "huehuehue" is the direct analog of the English "hahaha."

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In Spanish, j is pronounced like the English h, so "jajaja" is the direct analog of the English "hahaha."

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Kkk comes from ㅋㅋㅋ, short for 크크크, or keu keu keu -- the Korean equivalent of the English "hahaha."

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Www, not to be confused with the one for the World Wide Web, likely originates with the Kanji character for "laugh," 笑, which is pronounced as "warai" in Japanese. ...

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Feel free to make a comment or to let me know of any more international alternatives to the LOL!

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