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Give hot water sponge from shoulder to hand finger tips & toe tips or you can dip your hands & your feet in hot water for some time.This will reduce wheezing immediately. Because,at these places are the “wheezing” controlling points[varma pulligal] located. So this hot water stimulates those points & brings down “wheezing”. Since, we are not able to stimulate these triggering points, the hot water stimulates and triggers it.By this you can slowly suppress wheezing/Asthma.

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Vatham ['arthritis' ]symptoms: Dry cough, dry lips,can't with stand the pain of cough at front & back of the chest.It also causes hair fall, eye sight goes dull. They suffer a lot from the start till ...

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Now-a-days, most of the common man and even children commonly and frequently use and readily keep with them is……….."INHALERS". This "INHALERS", contains steroids,which literally means ...

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Pitham [ 'Bile'--a digestive juice manufactured by the liver] Symptoms:Will have too bad cough.While coughing a thick yellow colored chest cold (sputum) comes out.When they got to spit it out,they ...

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Give hot water sponge from shoulder to hand finger tips & toe tips or you can dip your hands & your feet in hot water for some time.This will reduce wheezing immediately. Because,at these places are ...

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"Asthma/Wheezing" exists or comes because of cold ie.,increase of water content in ones body.This is how the wheezing starts.. Then, does vadham ['arthritis'], pitham [ 'Bile'] bodied person get ...

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You can eat vasamb [ Acorus calamus or Sweet Flag ]& thipali/pippali: you can roast it & grind it & mix with honey & taken every day morning & night before food.This will slowly reduce & permanently ...

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Wheezing or Asthma refers to the rattling sound or the whistling sound heard while breathing from the chest, which is caused due to the obstruction in the air passage.

Domain: Health care; Category: Health care regulations

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