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An article on different ways of foretelling the future.

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Divination (from Latin divinare "to foresee, to be inspired by a god", related to divinus, divine) is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of an occultic, ...

Domain: Religion; Category: Mythology

Necromancy is a form of magic involving communication with the deceased – either by summoning their spirit as an apparition or raising them bodily – for the purpose of divination, imparting the means ...

Domain: Anthropology; Category: Mythology

Taghairm, sometimes interpreted as "spiritual echo," or calling up the dead, was an ancient Scottish mode of divination. The definition of what was required varied, but may have included an ...

Domain: Anthropology; Category: Cultural anthropology

Astrology consists of several systems of divination based on the premise that there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena and events in the human world. Many cultures have attached ...

Domain: Astrology; Category: General astrology

Astragalomancy, also known as astragyromancy, is a form of divination that uses dice specially marked with letters and numbers. Originally, as with dice games, the "dice" were quadruped ...

Domain: Anthropology; Category: Cultural anthropology

Favomancy is a form of divination that involves throwing beans on the ground and interpreting the patterns into which the beans fall; it is therefore a type of cleromancy. Various forms of favomancy ...

Domain: Anthropology; Category: Cultural anthropology

Palmistry, or chiromancy (also spelled cheiromancy), is the claim of characterization and foretelling the future through the study of the palm, also known as palm reading or chirology. The practice ...

Domain: Anthropology; Category: Cultural anthropology

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