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The two "firsts" in this ranking have in common a negative GDP growth these last years. Such as Angola, the country has suffered from the decline in oil prices. It is also the fifth most corrupt country in Africa. The great paradox is that Equatorial Guinea is one of the highest GDP per capita in the world thanks to oil revenues capita, but is among the least developed countries (LDCs) under the poverty of the population.

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這兩個"第一"在此排名中的有共同點 GDP 負增長這些最後一年。如安哥拉,這個國家已經遭受石油價格下降。它也是第五次最腐敗的國家在非洲。 偉大的悖論是赤道幾內亞是 GDP 最高之一在全球石油收入人均,人均,可是卻是最不發達國家 (LDCs) 下的貧困人口。

Domain: Economy; Category: Economics

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