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A blossary of mergers and acquisitions by Google.

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Agnilux was founded by members of the PA Semi (originally "Palo Alto Semiconductor") company that was purchased by Apple for $278 million in April 2008. After the purchase, many of the top employees were reportedly upset at the pricing of the stock options Apple granted to them. They left to form Agnilux, the super secret early stage start-up that Google obtained.

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Agnilux 成立,由 2008 年 4 月為 $ 2 億 7800 萬購買由蘋果公司的 PA Semi (原來"帕洛阿爾托半導體") 公司的成員。購買後,很多頂尖的雇員據說打亂了蘋果公司向他們授予股票期權的定價。他們離開到表單 Agnilux,谷歌獲得的超級秘密的早期階段啟動。

Domain: Business services; Category: International business

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