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This Blossary is has a list of cool DIY solutions for mending, creating, adding on reusing, and designing clothes. Very easy, step by step solutions.

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You will need: Knit sweater, scissors, and gorilla/duck tape. How to: 1. Cut the bottom half of your sweater. 2. Hem the raw edge with gorilla/duck tape by sticking half way down, and folding over to seal. 3. After completely hemming, roll underneath several times to hide the tape and creae a soft edge.

Domain: Fashion; Category: Style, cut & fit

당신이 필요 합니다: 니트 스웨터가 위, 그리고 고릴라/오리 테이프. 하는 방법: 1. 스웨터의 절반 하단 컷. 2. 고릴라/오리 테이프와 원시 가장자리 아래로 절반 방법 및 인감을 통해 폴딩 하 여 홈. 3. 완전히 킁 킁 후 부드러운 가장자리 테이프 및 만들어 여러 번 아래 롤.

Domain: Fashion; Category: Style, cut & fit

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