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Kamen Rider (Masked Rider) is a Japanese TV shows with the genre "Tokusatsu" or live-action TV shows. It was one of the early pioneer, not to mention one of the most popular and longest running "tokusatsu" with big fanbase around the world.

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It debuted on television on April 3, 1971, and ran until February 10, 1973, airing on the Mainichi Broadcasting System and NET TV (now TV Asahi). This series set up many themes that are still used ...

Domain: Entertainment; Category: TV

It is the second installment in the popular Kamen Rider Series, and the direct sequel to the original Kamen Rider and was shown on NET from February 17, 1973 to February 9, 1974, with a total of 52 ...

Domain: Entertainment; Category: TV

It was broadcast in 1974 on NET (now known as TV Asahi)for 35 episodes. It is the third entry in the Kamen Rider Series. Keisuke Jin and his father Kentaro Jin (a Robotic professor) are attacked by ...

Domain: Entertainment; Category: TV

Aired from 1980 to 1981 and ran for 48 episodes. Wanting to become an astronaut, Kazuya Oki as Kamen Rider Super 1 undergoes an operation that allows him to survive in space. The area were he is ...

Domain: Entertainment; Category: TV

It is the fifth entry in the Kamen Rider Series, the show was broadcast on TBS and MBS from April 5, 1975 to December 27, 1975, lasting 39 episodes. Shigeru Jou joins Black Satan after the murder of ...

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The series was broadcast on MBS from October 5, 1979 to October 10, 1980, lasting 54 episodes. Hiroshi Tsukaba as Skyrider is kidnapped and transformed into Kamen Rider as a means to help Doctor ...

Domain: Entertainment; Category: TV

Aired October 4, 1987 to October 9, 1988, with a total of 51 episodes. The installment not only became very popular in Japan, but also in many countries where it was aired. After being kidnapped by ...

Domain: Entertainment; Category: TV

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I've heard a lot about the Kamen Rider TV show, pretty much all of my cousins are watching it these days. Even the people down at Iptv uk were full of praise for the show, so I'm really curious about how it really is. Can anyone lay out the entire story for me?

00:26, 17 October 2021
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