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Lego is a Danish company specializing in making interlocking plastic blocks. The company was founded by a Danish carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1949. The name Lego itself was actually ...

Domain: Toys and games; Category: Educational toys Collected Term

Ole Kirk Christiansen was born in Filskov, Denmark(April 7, 1891 – March 11, 1958) is the founder of The LEGO Group. Initially he was a trained carpenter, specializing in making wooden toys in 1932, ...

Domain: Culture; Category: Popular culture

Lego Architecture Studio is a new version of Lego, and also the first version of Lego set that comes out without instructions. Inside the box includes 1200 bricks and an inspirational guidebook ...

Domain: Toys and games; Category: Skill toys

Legoland is a chain Lego-themed amusement park, though they use Lego as the name of the amusement park, Legolands arenot fully owned by Lego Group, in fact they are owned and ran by British theme ...

Domain: Entertainment; Category: Amusement parks

Lego Technic is another product manufactured by Lego Group, it consist of interconnecting plastic rods and parts, unlike other types of Lego, the main purpose of producing this line is to create more ...

Domain: Toys; Category: Mechanical toys

Denmark is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe bordering both the Baltic and the North Sea. The country of Denmark, together with Greenland and the Faroe Islands, comprises the Kingdom of ...

Domain: Geography; Category: Countries & Territories

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