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The entire spectrum of technologies for information processing, including software, hardware, communications technologies and related services. In general, information technology (IT) does not include embedded technologies that do not generate data for enterprise use.

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Zero-latency enterprise (ZLE) is any strategy that exploits the immediate exchange of information across technical and organizational boundaries to achieve business benefit. For example, technical ...

Domain: Technology; Category: Information technology

Refers to the standards body known as the WiMAX Forum and to the broadband wireless technology based on the IEEE 802.16 standard. See also 802.16, 802.16-2004, 802.16e-2005 and 802.16m.

Domain: Technology; Category: Information technology

Workstations have typically been high-end complex instruction set computer (CISC), Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing (EPIC) or reduced instruction set computer (RISC)-based CPU architectures ...

Domain: Technology; Category: Information technology

A system intended to maximize the use of agent labor by projecting incoming call volumes and scheduling staff to meet needs exactly, by time of the day, day of the week, week of the month, etc. WFM ...

Domain: Technology; Category: Information technology

Workforce analytics is an advanced set of data analysis tools and metrics for comprehensive workforce performance measurement and improvement. It analyzes recruitment, staffing, training and ...

Domain: Technology; Category: Information technology

There are two types of workflow management: Internal and external process integration—a workflow approach that allows for the definition of business processes that span applications, including those ...

Domain: Technology; Category: Information technology

Work management is a set of software products and services that apply workflow structure to the movement of information as well as to the interaction of business processes and human worker processes ...

Domain: Technology; Category: Information technology

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