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The entire spectrum of technologies for information processing, including software, hardware, communications technologies and related services. In general, information technology (IT) does not include embedded technologies that do not generate data for enterprise use.

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10 Gbps passive optical network (10G-PON) is a next-generation solution following the current-generation gigabit passive optical network (GPON) (ITU-T G.984) and Ethernet passive optical network ...

Domain: Technology; Category: Information technology

Enhancements that provide packet data capabilities over 2G networks. 2.5G improves the available data rates supported by the air interface, thereby permitting the introduction of new, data-oriented ...

Domain: Technology; Category: Information technology

2D bar code marketing is an identification method that can be created and printed on marketing materials, such as ads, brochures and product packages, through specific service providers or freely ...

Domain: Technology; Category: Information technology

A broad term referring to enhancements that provide high-speed data extensions to 3G (wideband code division multiple access (WCDMA)) that go beyond the 384 Kbps downlink and 64 Kbps uplink provided ...

Domain: Technology; Category: Information technology

Three-dimensional bioprinting is a medical application of 3D printers. It is a system directed by medical imaging data and software that specifies the design of living tissue and organs, plus the ...

Domain: Technology; Category: Information technology

Two technologies are currently used to show 3D images on the majority of flat-panel TVs and displays: polarization 3D, which uses a pattern retarder and polarized glasses and is only offered by a ...

Domain: Technology; Category: Information technology

3D photovoltaic (PV) devices employ a 3D structure to improve photoelectric efficiency by increasing the amount of light captured by the light-absorbing material in the PV cell or panel. By ...

Domain: Technology; Category: Information technology

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