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All terms used in the Human Resources field.

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Work pattern refers to different ways of working, not only through a same firm, but in different regions, countries. This expression highlights the differences in the ways of thinking about the ...

Domain: Business administration; Category: Human resources; Business management

White collars is an expression used to talk about the managers, the executives, who usually wear a costume and a white shirt. Moreover, they're working in offices, contrary to the manual workers. ...

Domain: Business administration; Category: Business management

Upward career means that a person gets more and more responsibilities inside a firm. He/She can get a more important job and earn more money.

Domain: Professional careers; Category: Careers

Upskilling means adding a new skill, learning something new in the professional life. For example, the employer may want to train the employees with a new software.

Domain: Professional careers; Category: Careers

When a person sees his/her contract ending without any explanations and/or for an unmotivated reason, she/he is a victim of unfair dismissal. If the employer does not respect the legal measurements, ...

Domain: Business administration; Category: Human resources

Traditional academic bounds are the different steps to pass at university for example, in order to be graduated. Usually, when we talk about traditional academic bounds, we think about the different ...

Domain: Professional careers; Category: Careers

The tradable commodity refers to something necessary to live (example: water, flour, etc), and for which you can negotiate the price. This is an important part of trade.

Domain: Business services; Category: Business intelligence

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