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All terms used in the Human Resources field.

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Outsourcing a product or a service, means that the firm does not produce it itself. The firm is assisted by an external firm or service to provide the product or the service. The outsourcing can be ...

Domain: Outsourcing & offshoring; Category: Business process outsourcing (BPO)

When a person decides to resign, she decides to leave the firm without any financial compensations. The person can leave the firm for different reasons, but she has to tell her employer. She also ...

Domain: Business administration; Category: Human resources

Manpower is a general term usually used to describe the whole number of employees. It's often used by recruitment agencies or in the newspapers as a part of the job market analysis.

Domain: Business administration; Category: Human resources

We tend more and more to hear talking about the labor mobility. Labor mobility refers the situation that workers move geographically from a country, a region to another one. This is usually a choice, ...

Domain: Labor; Category: Labor statistics; Labor relations

Pension scheme are the amount of money a worker has to pay in order to retire one day. When the person stops working, at the legal retirement age, she/he can have an amount of money each months. ...

Domain: Business administration; Category: Human resources

Plan for the unknown is basically try to plan several steps in order to reach a target, but with many unknown things. For example: plan a training, but not knowing the content, the number of ...

Domain: Business services; Category: Business intelligence; Human resources

The tradable commodity refers to something necessary to live (example: water, flour, etc), and for which you can negotiate the price. This is an important part of trade.

Domain: Business services; Category: Business intelligence

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