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Lee Chong Wei the leading man in the Badminton most of the sponsor holder and one of the highest paid and earners in the Badminton. Today he is the best and most times champion. Lin Dan the Chinese star who is chasing the living legend Lee Chong Wei. Badminton is mostly popular among the Asian athletes. India has recently authorized IBPF League (Indian Badminton League). Sania Nehwal, Wang Yihan also named in the list.

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Mostly Chinese stars are dominating the league of the Badminton. Wang Yihan is one of them she has been a tough competition to the opponents. She is best and highest rated Badminton stars.

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Taufik Hidayat the man with a strong back hand shots in Badminton and one of the top athletes from Indonesia. He is the top ranking star from Badminton in past few years. The player who wins the 27 ...

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Saina Nehwal the girl from India got a great back up from the endorsements, she has won the top events of the Badminton she is one of the highest paid Badminton. She is earning 13 Crore , through out ...

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Peter Gade is one of best European player in the Badminton. Peter Gade is looking to develop the performance in the upcoming year but his current retirement shock the world. He has won many of the ...

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Lin Dan one of the most successful athletes in Badminton today and with most of the wins he is the leading stars from the China. He has won most of the championships from Asia and also stands in the ...

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Li Xuerui the most momentum and powerful players in the London Games, Asian Games for the Chinese Badminton side. She has won medals in the Gold format, she is the top contenders to face in the ...

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If there will be the hall of fame for the Badminton players then Lee Chong Wei is the first person to be listed in. He is one of the top paid players in the Badminton, he wins most medals and ...

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