nli の用語

New York City Ballet

ダンス; バレエ

The New York City Ballet, one of the foremost dance companies in the world, is unique in US artistic history. Solely responsible for training its own artists and creating its own ...

Impression, soleil levant

アート&クラフト; 美術

"Impression, soleil levant", or "Impression, Sunrise" in English is the name of an art work created by Claude Monet as one of pioneers of the art genre called "impressionism". ...

Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

教育; 高等教育

Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, formerly known as Monterey Institute of International Studies, was founded in 1955 as a graduate school for future ...

Collected Terms

silkscreen printing

アート&クラフト; モダンアート

Silkscreen printing is a process where ink passes through a wove screen that is blocked partially to create images.

blotted line technique

アート&クラフト; モダンアート

Developed by Andy, blotted line technique combines drawing and printing. To create blotted lines, you first draw on a piece of non-absorbent paper with abundant ink, then before ...


ヘルスケア; 一般

Fear of closed spaces.Claustrophobia is an anxiety disorder in which the sufferer has an irrational fear of having no escape or being closed-in. It frequently results in a panic ...


政治体制; Slavery

Xenophobia denotes a phobic attitude toward strangers or of the unknown. The term is typically used to describe fear or dislike of foreigners or in general of people different ...


ヘルスケア; 精神医学

Ailurophobia is a specific phobia known to be an irrational and persistent fear of cats. This phobia is also known as Elurophobia, Felinophobia or Gatophobia.